Eduardo Viegas has always chosen the path of music, influenced by his father, Ângelo Viegas, a man of radio and entertainment. In an abstract sense, music was like an outfit that he wore, accompanying his day-to-day. The various songs he has always listened to: Portuguese, Brazilian, African, American, in short, the music of the world. At home, he played with the table, with a box, with percussion instruments and then with the guitar.

Music touched him, involved, moved, uplifted, that by force of fate he decided since 2001 to improve his musicality, technique, repertoire and began a series of concerts, which would become hundreds, in different formats: guitar and voice , Eduardo Viegas and band for different audiences, rooms and spaces.

The idea has always been: if I have a dream, I will fulfill it and the Concerts took place day after day, year after year. In parallel with the Concerts, he composed his songs, until the moment of recording his songs. In 2018, he composed his first single, created his channel on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. In 2019 he forms the band, performs at festivals and on television. Since 2018, his songs have been on radio and television nationwide.

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